Happily ever after, The end. Why the world needs fluff

Quote from Alice in wonderland courtesy of Pinterest

The news lately reads like a horror. Deadly viruses killing hundreds of thousands, riots, people dead as shots rang out at parties, school shootings the list goes on and on. Journalists present us with the occurrences of the world, listing the facts. Their job as writers is to bring us the news, to let us know what’s happening in the world and help us prepare for changes in our own back yard. Their hard work is invaluable and as writers they are recognized as such which is a great achievement but that’s not the writer I am.

Bloggers provide us with opinions on the ways of the world, how to’s aimed at making life easier and instructional pieces for the best barbecue rub and summer parties. They gain thousands of followers waiting to hear how life can be better. Completely necessary skills and my admiration goes out to them but that’s not the type of writer I am either.

Researchers publish their findings in an effort to show the world what they’ve discovered and why it’s valuable. Their words improve life by showing us what’s out there, what’s proven to exist and helps others expand upon their discoveries. Also not the type of writer I am.

I write fluff. I enjoy writing fluff. While countless publications say to submit your best works and avoid fluff here’s why I don’t do that: in my opinion the world needs fluff. My goal in writing is to take my readers away from reality and plunk them into a world of fantasy. I want to leave the world where the spouse murders their sleeping family before killing themselves and go to the world where true love exists and soulmates find each other.

I want the occasional escape from reality of a world that seems to be falling apart into dimensions of magic and mystery where the villain is caught and the main characters look at their world with childlike wonder. I want to go to a place that I thought was how the world was before I discovered it wasn’t and I want my readers to come with me. Go where, just for a little while, things don’t suck.

Last night, well early this morning I finished the rough draft of my first novel. As it sits right now, 72,800 words engrossing it’s readers into a world of fantasy, magic, love and mystery and yes there’s a few naughty scenes too.

Over the last month I’ve created this alternate world and all the people in it. I’ve lived in it and shaped what it’s become. It’s honestly the best thing I’ve ever done. I know that’s just the start, there’s editing and changes, publication to be done. I realize not everyone will enjoy it and that’s okay.

Disability has forced me to look in various directions and change my life. I feel writing may be my new path. I know that some will scoff and say I am not a real writer because I don’t write about serious topics, but sometimes the make believe world that ends well is necessary too. A publication that provides the escape to give the mind hope and wonder is important too. Sometimes we just need the happily ever after and that’s it it’s over, no more threat, the end.

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