Social media is such an adventure these days. We can meet, interact, play games, and just about anything else with people worldwide. While online dating is undoubtedly a hot commodity, it’s only natural that a good bit of flirting happens in other online avenues as well. Don’t get me wrong- finding someone you connect with in an unlikely source is a great surprise, but some make the experience less than gratifying.

Middle-aged females will likely empathize with me over receiving messages from foreign people claiming to be members of our American military that are in love with us, the older…

The Battle For The Stanley Cup, As Told By Stanley The Cat

October is a fun time of year. Not only is the weather cooler, but the female slave is happy; she says it’s hockey season. This hockey season didn’t start in October, though. As she likes me to call her, Mom had to wait until January, and boy was she grumpy! I thought I was the moody one!

Hockey is where a bunch of guys chase something called a “puck” with sticks. My favorite toy is a stick as well, but mine has a mouse on end filled with…

I have mentioned before that I enjoy writing prompts. A simple thought carries my brain in multiple directions. I enjoy the challenge of thinking and, even more, recording those thoughts. I wasn’t sure where to go with my upcoming YouTube segment. Mondays are designated to be motivational and uplifting. I scoured the internet for help, and almost immediately, this sentence stood out to me: What is your unique purpose?

The thought brings me to the existential question, why are we here? The answer is likely because we have a purpose, but how do we know what that is? Or is…

How my dog saved my life

It was a perfectly normal evening. Everyone was asleep. I was writing. I was working on a pretty dramatic chapter of my novel when Dopey stuck his nose under my elbow.

Dog people know this is canine for “Pay attention to me.” I gave him a quick scratch behind his ears and went back to my writing.

A short fiction story based on the writing prompt, “two strangers meet in a waiting room, what happens?”

The sirens were deafening, and the flashing lights were blinding. I was having a horrible time running in my heels. I followed the paramedics as quickly as I could through the hospital doors. The tears blurred my vision. My throat hurt, but I didn’t really know what I was yelling. I didn’t know what the staff was yelling at me either. All I knew was my Stephen was headed into the hospital with tubes and machines making him live when we were supposed to be having dessert.

“Mrs. Cunningham? Could you come with me, please? We need some information.” A…

A short story fantasy romance based on the writing prompt “There is a unicorn outside your window, what happens next?”

Norah stared at the wine glass she had just cleaned. It sat in the dish rack, upside down and empty, just how she felt.

She headed to her bedroom. Forgoing the routine of getting ready, she flopped into her bed, leggings and all. She glanced around her room, illuminated by the light of the full moon shining through her window.

“That explains a lot,” She said to herself. Norah was never one to believe in superstition, but blaming the day’s events on the bright orb in the night sky was easier than accepting the truth.

The curtains blew in the…

A depressed mind is a scary place. Loneliness and feelings of inadequacy are commonplace. In recent times, mental illness has become less taboo to discuss. Thankfully, I’ve come to realize what I’m afflicted with due to the outpouring of new information.

My doctor gave me my diagnosis of depression at the age of 13. My mother passed away from cancer. A life-changing event is enough to throw anyone into a tailspin, but I was different. The feelings didn’t go away. I’ve realized that depression and anxiety started much earlier than this event.

I’ve read blog posts (and written one) about…

The following is a short story based on the prompt “tell a crazy story of a waiter giving bad service.”

I heard my name from behind me at the bar. I don’t know what I’m doing here. My friends made me sign up for this stupid “Blind date” dating app. You fill out an extensive questionnaire about yourself, your likes, your dislikes, and what you would like in a partner. The app then matches you up with someone in your area and suggests a place to go. I guess anything beats spending another Saturday night staring at the walls of my dorm.
“Kevin” appeared to play football for our rival college. His profile picture was in his uniform, kneeling…

This is a short fictional story inspired by the writing prompt: “you believe your house is haunted. What is happening to make you think so?”

“Are you sure it’s for me?” I asked the older gentleman in the expensive suit.

“You are Abagail Jones, aren’t you?” he asked.

“Well, yes, but I didn’t even know I had a great aunt Gwen.” I protested.

“Gwen was the eccentric spinster sister of your grandmother, ” the man, who had introduced himself as Mr. Rawley, explained. “Your mother was the only family member to communicate with her up until her passing.” the man looked wistfully up at the sky. “Your mother was such a delight, I was so sorry to learn she’s also no longer with us.”


The writing prompt is, “You’re abducted by aliens for three days but returned home safely. What happened?”

Dear Earth,

You have entertained us for several episodes, but we must say 2020 was the most intense, or so we thought. The season premiere of 2021 was a complete shit-show. How do you creatures do it?

We have captured one of your kind. She says she is called A-man-duh. We were confused as she is entirely female. She has informed us “gender” is a much broader term now, and people identify as what they feel they should be. It’s cool; we’re hip, we can dig it. Oh, now she says no one talks like that anymore.

We picked her…

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